Online Trading Platforms

Different kinds of platforms are provided to all kinds of traders whether they are mobile traders and investors or even professional traders. Saxo Capital Markets provides excellent trading platforms to make it easy for online traders to go about forex trading. Such Online Trading platforms include Saxo TraderGO and Saxo trader.

1.    Saxo TraderGO

Opening a Saxo traderGO account through a smartphone is commonly used by most online traders. This is the quickest way to access the Saxo TraderGO platform. This platform is beneficial in the following ways.

a)      Easily accessible

By using any browser through a smartphone, computer or tablet, traders can easily get the SaxoTraderGO platform. This platform is not only accessible but also cheap as traders use small amount of capital for their accounts. Trading Forex with Etx requires a deposit of around $ 100 in a one of the Saxo accounts to start trading stocks.

b)      Simplicity

This platform is very friendly and simple to use. Traders are able to order execution while trading forex with etx. It comes with simple tools and features that facilitate trading forex with etx easily by using a Computer. Such features here include deal cancellation. When trading with forex etx, a trader can easily cancel an order after it has been executed therefore reducing any kind of inconveniences.

c)      Reliability

This platform is quite reliable in that traders can carry out this activity according to their own schedule. It does not limit one to a specific place. It also has a variety of portfolios that would come in handy when trading forex with etx.

d)      Informational

SaxoTraderGO is often preferred by Australian Traders who are well known for forex etx trading because it keeps them up to date. This platform provides notifications of any new information concerning global markets. It is responsible of providing every day news and information concerning the economic calendar. Notifications indicate any kind of changes in currencies that might affect trading with Forex Etx.

2.    Saxo Trader

This is commonly used by traders who have more experience and are now professionals. This platform is suitable for trading Forex with etx because of the following reasons:

        i.            Advanced set- up

This platform offers advanced set ups that come with different screens with various modules per asset class. This set up helps in customizing the trading surroundings across different screens. It makes it easy for traders to order accurately while trading with Forex etx. Online traders can therefore easily trade across all kinds of products from commodities, metals to currencies.

      ii.            Professional Trading tools

This module is suitable for a forex trader since it gives one the chance to trade from charts. Traders are able to change or add a new order from the chart making it easier for them to manage their orders.

Tools such as annotations and technical indicators offered by this platform come in handy for a professional trader. Annotation tools improve accuracy by making it easier to mark up support and resistance levels while trading forex with etx.

Technical Indicators are responsible for helping investors keep up with the changing trends of the global market. Such indicators offered by the Saxo Trader platform include Moving averages, Volume Studies and Oscillators.

    iii.            Access to information

Individualized market information helps traders stream data through custom filters while interacting with Saxo Dealers through the different kinds of charts. This kind of exposure helps them share better ideas.