Using Moving Average Tool in Forex Trading

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Making swift decisions is crucial in forex trading. Since the prices of the forexes keep changing, a forex trader must continuously monitor the changes. One of the tools that you can use to track the price changes is the moving average tool. Moving averages show the prevailing conditions in a non-trending forex market. Read More

Using a Forex Moving Average Convergence Divergence Trading Strategy

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MACD is a popular momentum indicator that follows and captures trends to show the relationship of two (MAs) Moving Averages of prices. Created in the 1970s by Gerald Appel, MACD is usually calculated by minusing the 26-day EMA from a 12-day EMA (Exponential Moving Average). These MAs use the closing prices of the period being Read More

Is Stochastic A Good Indicator?

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It would be best to understand a stochastic indicator if you are looking for a technical indicator with a high degree of accuracy. Stochastic is a good indicator because it is precise in determining momentum. Besides, you can easily master how to use it. First, you should find out the sole reason for creating the Read More

The Importance of Forex Demo Accounts

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It is rare to find businesses that give people opportunities to test how it goes before they invest in them. Taking for example the aspect of joining any bank account. If one is willing to start investing with a certain bank, they go right ahead and open for you the account. This is a straightforward Read More

Fibonacci Trading Strategies Every Trader Should try

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Fibonacci trading strategies allow traders to assess market retreats across trending markets and discovering trading chances in each case. Read on to understand some of the effective Fibonacci strategies. Understanding the Fibonacci Retracement Tool While the Fibonacci retracement tool can be essential for trending markets, the scope of different retracement levels offers various use cases Read More

Different Types of Moving Averages for Traders

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A moving average is described as a technical indicator that investors and market analysts use for determining a trend’s direction. It’s a sum of a financial security’s data points over a particular period, and the total divided by the data points to get an average or mean. It is known as a moving average because Read More

Bollinger Band trading strategies and Patterns

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Forex traders use a wide range of strategies and patterns with Bollinger bands. Read along to find these out. Double Bottoms A double bottom is a technical analysis charting pattern that defines a power reversal and a difference in trend from previous dominant price action. This pattern indicates the drop of an index or stock, Read More

4 Types of Trading Utilized by Technical Traders

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Technical traders, more often than not, prefer evaluating investments before they decide the ones to investing in for somewhat guaranteed profitability. Technical traders are able to evaluate investments through technical analysis, where they analyse statistical trends collected from trading events, comprising price movements plus volume. Technical analysis can sometimes offer entirely accurate price estimates, whereas Read More

What Is a Moving Average and Why Use It?

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A moving average is one of the tools technical traders utilize in technical analysis. Traders use moving average to evaluate various investments in order to know when to trade and when not to. Moving average operates by evening out price data through the creation of a consistently revised average price. Moving average usually covers a Read More

Four Most Popular Forex Chart Patterns

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The experienced traders are familiar with the chart patterns, but the fresher has a lack of knowledge about the benefits. Chart patterns help the investors to recognize the trend and the movements of the market. Chart patterns are based on the historic price movement of a certain asset. So, people should have to acquire a Read More