Technical Analysis

How does bond maturity work?

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The term of a bond is the length of time until the principal and interest must be repaid. Bonds usually have terms of 10, 20, 30, or 40 years. To find out a bond’s duration, you can do a google search on “bond name” maturity date. Most bonds are issued with a specific maturity date, Read More

A Review On CFD Asset Trading

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A CFD (Contract for Difference) is a widespread kind of traded derivative whose value stems from the movement of a fundamental asset. CFDs are a renowned gateway for investors to access financial markets and trade a variety of well-known assets. In CFD trading, you can speculate the rising or falling prices of assets such as Read More

Misconceptions About Technical Analysis Demystified

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Some traders criticize technical analysis as being a shallow study of patterns and charts without any solid, profitable, or definite outcomes. Others believe that technical analysis is the Holy Grail and, when understood, can bring in massive profits. These contrasting perspectives have brought about misconceptions about technical analysis and how its deployed. Some of these Read More

Types of CFDs and CFD Assets You Need To Know About

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CFDs or contract for differences is defined as a financial derivative instrument that can be sold or bought through the financial market. They are termed as derivatives because their value is drawn from the underlying instruments. They mirror existing assets on different financial markets but do not require the delivery of the actual asset to Read More

4 Types of Trading Utilized by Technical Traders

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Technical traders, more often than not, prefer evaluating investments before they decide the ones to investing in for somewhat guaranteed profitability. Technical traders are able to evaluate investments through technical analysis, where they analyse statistical trends collected from trading events, comprising price movements plus volume. Technical analysis can sometimes offer entirely accurate price estimates, whereas Read More

What Is a Moving Average and Why Use It?

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A moving average is one of the tools technical traders utilize in technical analysis. Traders use moving average to evaluate various investments in order to know when to trade and when not to. Moving average operates by evening out price data through the creation of a consistently revised average price. Moving average usually covers a Read More

General analysis about forex market: 2nd January – 6th January

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GBPUSD Technical analysis: The GBPUSD pair showed some decent bullish movement in the last trading week after hitting the critical support level at 1.21963.The gained its bullish momentum in the market after the US dollar index slipped from its 14 years high in the market. However, the bullish move in the GBPUSD pair faded after Read More

General analysis about forex market: 12th December – 16th December

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GBPUSD technical analysis: The high of the last week was 1.29274 for Great Britain Pound and after hitting that high the pair sharply dropped down just below the 100 days SMA. The dynamic resistance level was at 1.2775(100 day SMA). The market got intense selling pressure on that area and fall back to 1.2570 which Read More

Technical analysis on NZDUSD, AUDUSD, and USDJPY: 28th November -2nd December

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NZDUSD technical analysis: 28th November – 2nd December Figure: NZDUSD daily chart The strong rally of the NZDUSD pair has been stalled after it hit the critical resistance level at 0.74834.From that level, the pair sharply breached two critical support level in the market with strong bearish momentum. Last week the pair formed a nice Read More

Forex Market Outlook after US Election

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After the US election had held it created ripples in major currency markets of the world. Below is the summary of how various currencies reacted to the election. EURUSD The EURUSD pair has been falling since the result of the US election. The US president Donald Trump plans to increase fiscal spending and cut taxes Read More