Why trading is better than any other profession in the world

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Nowadays forex trading is getting popularity at an exponential rate in the retail trading community due to its extreme profit potential. In the past trading was not so much popular among the retail trading community since it was extremely expensive to conduct forex trading as a single individual. But due to the recent technological advancement, Read More

Trading the Forex options profitably is all about psychology

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Everyone says trading is hard but what is the main reason for it to be hard? Foreign currency exchange trading cannot be hard if the trader knows to play the game. It’s in the trader’s hand to make trading harder or easier you cannot say that trading is difficult just because it is difficult for Read More

How to master the art of forex option trading

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A Forex trading market is a place of complexity, ease, profit, loss, money, and traders. So the forex trading is not always complex the professional traders will trade in the better ways in a complex situation too. So we must analyze the situation to understand why and how they trade well in a complex situation Read More

Price of oil edged lower on the last Friday

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There has been huge chaos in the energy field in the last year as the price of oil and coal was drastically rallying down in the global market. Most of the energy field researchers were worrying about the strong bearish pressure in the global market as the price oil and coal kept dropping in the Read More

General analysis about forex market: 2nd January – 6th January

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GBPUSD Technical analysis: The GBPUSD pair showed some decent bullish movement in the last trading week after hitting the critical support level at 1.21963.The gained its bullish momentum in the market after the US dollar index slipped from its 14 years high in the market. However, the bullish move in the GBPUSD pair faded after Read More

Oil prices slowly sinking as investors watch for the next year opening

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There has been a massive chaos in the energy sector from the very beginning of this year as the supply of oil was extreme in the global market compared to its demand. The price of oil kept on falling and the investors were deeply worried about the ongoing crisis in the energy field. However, things Read More

Tips for forex options trading during low volatility

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Trading can be extremely difficult if you don’t know how to trade the market properly. Those who are trading the financial instrument for a long period of time have undergone many difficult stages and after long perseverance, they have become a professional trader. The forex market is either trending or remains in a sideway. Those Read More

General analysis about forex market: 12th December – 16th December

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GBPUSD technical analysis: The high of the last week was 1.29274 for Great Britain Pound and after hitting that high the pair sharply dropped down just below the 100 days SMA. The dynamic resistance level was at 1.2775(100 day SMA). The market got intense selling pressure on that area and fall back to 1.2570 which Read More

Top five deadly mistake in forex trading

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There are many reasons why we cannot make more profit in the forex market. There are many people who are doing the trade year after year but they can’t make money from this market. They wonder why they can’t make money from the market. They know what market going to do next and what can Read More