How to create a perfect plan to trade the market

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Everyone wants to become a profitable trader. When it comes to Forex trading profession people lose control of their emotion and start placing big lot trade. You don’t have to trade with a big lot to secure huge gain from this market. The novice traders always look for potential trade setup to maximize their profit Read More

Back testing your trading strategy to maximize your profit

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Forex market is extremely volatile in nature and making consistent profit in the retail trading industry is very hard.If you do some research you will be surprised to see that almost 90% of the traders are losing money. The new traders often think that this is the perfect place to become a rich person within Read More

Habits of the professional currency trader

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The financial market is wonderful in the point of view of professional traders because they have succeeded in it. If you ask a naïve trader they would say it is a complicated market because they have not seen the simplest side of the market. They have not studied the CFD market to trade it well. Read More

How to master price action trading strategy

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The Forex market is risky but there is a best way to trade the market i.e. through price actions strategy. If you are not familiar with price action you will not be able to succeed in trading because it is the key to success. If you consider the Forex traders in the United Kingdom they Read More

Important points to learn if you are a trader

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As a trader or an investor, there are many things you should learn. You cannot become successful without learning the market. A good learner will be able to succeed in the market. If you consider the Singaporean traders they are successful in the market due to learning more and more. They never cease learning because Read More

Understanding Currency Names

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Professional traders and not only, are not using the full name of a currency when addressing it. When you spend the whole day watching markets and the way price action for a currency is moving, then addressing it with the whole name is time-consuming. Therefore, a currency short form appeared. Moreover, these short form is Read More

How to plan the trades in the financial market

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Forex trading is getting very much popular nowadays. Previously trading the financial instrument was only limited to the large banks and institutions but due to recent advancement in technology, all the normal people in the world can trade the live assets in the market. However, the success rate is pretty low in the forex trading Read More

Dollar pushes higher while Greek get backs in limelight

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There has been a massive confusion in the global industry as no investors are clear about the next movement of the U.S dollar in the global economy. Under the administration of the newly elected president Mr. Trump, there has been a lot of chaos in the global market as he keeps on promising things which Read More

How should you think out of the box

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Can you do Forex trading full time? If so can you manage it along with your work? You should understand that the professional traders don’t live a calm life, as making a cup of coffee every morning and then straight to the computer. Although you might imagine something like that, it is not the case; Read More

Why trading is better than any other profession in the world

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Nowadays forex trading is getting popularity at an exponential rate in the retail trading community due to its extreme profit potential. In the past trading was not so much popular among the retail trading community since it was extremely expensive to conduct forex trading as a single individual. But due to the recent technological advancement, Read More